Searching for a Videography Studio on Rent in Delhi, Noida, Gurugram?

Searching for the ideal space for your next video project?

Fitting Frames – We provide the best videography studio on rent Delhi, Noida, and Gurugram, wide range of filming options for your video production needs. We are conveniently located not too far from Vegas Mall in Dwarka, Delhi.

We have high-end equipment’s, multiple screen, lights, soundproofed editing rooms, and experienced staff to help you create professional-grade videos. If anyone is looking for a video and photo studio on rent in Delhi NCR, please feel free to call +91-8850430358.

“Our studio is best for shooting Podcast, Interview, Product shoot, Maternity Shoot, etc.”

Rental Studio for Videography
Fitting Frames

Best Videography Studio on Rent in Delhi NCR

As a leading rental studio in Delhi NCR, we at Fitting Frames are a full-service, 24×7 photo, video studio on rent in Delhi, Noida, Gurugram. We rent out our services at affordable prices and are passionate about bringing your stories to life through the art of videography without making you break the bank.

Our video studio on rent in Delhi is where creativity meets technology and where your vision becomes a captivating reality. Whether you’re a business looking to create engaging promotional videos or a couple embarking on the journey of a lifetime, we’re here to turn your extraordinary moments into unforgettable cinematic experiences

Rental Studio in Delhi NCR

Why Choose Us for Video Studio on Rent in Delhi?

Fitting Frames can be your trusted partner in the world of videography! How?

Cutting-Edge Technology: We invest in the latest video equipment and post-production software to guarantee the best results. We don’t just keep up with technology; we STAY AHEAD.

Client-Centric Approach: We collaborate closely with our clients, understand their needs and preferences, and achieve outcomes that exceed expectations. Your vision is our command!

Affordability: We offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality.

Fast Turnaround: Racing against the clock on that project? Finalize, book, and bring it to life! We work diligently to ensure the timely execution of all plans.

Passion for Storytelling: Our space isn’t just four walls and equipment. It’s about having a platform to craft narratives resonating with your audience.

Discover the power of videography and the magic of storytelling with Fitting Frames. We invite you to explore our portfolio and contact us to discuss your next project. Let ours be the space where you capture your moments, messages, and memories.

video studio on rent in delhi

Our Service

We’re not just a renting space; we’re building visual legacies. Our services include, but aren’t limited to, the following:

Corporate Videography: Elevate your brand’s image with our top-tier corporate video solutions. We offer professional video services to help convey your message, enhance your branding, and engage your audience effectively.

Creative Video Production: We are always excited to embark on unique and innovative projects. From music videos to short films, we breathe life into every creative aspiration.

Chroma studio on rent in Delhi NCR: If you are looking for chroma studio on rent we provide top-notch studio on rent. Our high quality greenscreen / chroma is great for video production. Their are many option available in market but our service and high-end equipment is one of the best in this market and the best part is our studio is 24×7 available and studio is big in size.

Our Vision

We believe every assignment is unique in its own way, and we’re dedicated to capturing the essence of your narrative.

Our vision is to be the best rental videography studio in Delhi NCR, where innovation, creativity, and cutting-edge technology converge to produce videos that offer tailored client experiences.

Video Studio on Rent in Delhi

State-of-the-Art Studio Equipment Awaits
Here's a snapshot of what our studio boasts of …
  • Sony alpha A7IV Camera
  • Godox Led 1×1 light panels
  • Kodak 200 Led light
  • Nan Lite Fs 200
  • QT 1200 III M studio light
  • QT 600 Pro outdoor flash
  • Croma ( 10×26)
  • Godox Octa 150cm
  • Godox Octa 80cm
  • Elinchrom Beauty Dish With Honey Comb
  • Godox Strip Soft Box
  • Multiple Softbox in various size and shapes
  • Godox screen flat kit sf 6090 (24×36)
  • 6.5ft Arm Boom stand
  • Multiple Light Stands
  • Video Camera Tripod
  • Multiple Product Photography  background
  • Automatic Background Roller
  • Backdrops (Both Paper and textured)
  • Hanger Stand
  • Hangers For Clothes